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Spice Girls

I was watching the music channels yesterday and the Spice Girls came on. Who didn't love the Spice girls. But all I could think was 'what are they wearing?', and did I actually want to dress like this when I was younger!


I've worked at Punkyfish for nearly three years and they have never had any advertising. I have been given the opportunity to take some photos which are going to go around Festival Place basingstoke to advertise our shop. This photo is mainly about our new mens wear collection.

Fashion History

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My great aunt recently gave me an old fashion history book about fashion in 1790-1822 so I had a look through it. History always amazes me, and how things have changed so much. This picture caught my attention because I started to think about what it would be like if we all wore these dresses today. It's such a beautiful dress but must weigh a ton! I now have a funny image of people just popping into Sainsburys wearing these massive dresses.

If I had to pick an era to live in, it would have to be 1920s. I've always wanted to live in that era just for a day or week, it's so elegant. I would love to sing in a small smokey club, with a short hair cut and red lipstick. A bit like Chicago, that would be awesome!

I have finally entered the world of Twitter and LAVV it!

Yesterday, I sat in my friends room with 7 other people not talking, but on the internet on our phones. Sad? Yes, probably, but it happens. I always notice groups of people walking around looking at their phones rather than talking. Or a couple sat in a restaurant on their phones. The internet is taking over, what would we do without it? Anyway, at my friends house we were all on Twitter. I hadn't ever been on it before so I set up an account and now I'm addicted. I love just posting completely random pointless statements and following celebrities, its kind of surreal to think that they are having a normal day, I don't know why, it just is!
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Pepe Jeans A/W

Pepe Jeans A/W 2010 campaign, featuring Alexa Chung. The black and white works really well and the contrast makes the models stand out.

Today Im wearing

This whole outfit is pretty much all from H&M!

Shopping trip with my sister

IMG_1625.jpg picture by emilyt123_2009
IMG_1627.jpg picture by emilyt123_2009

My sisters shopping outfit. Top: vintage, Shorts: Topshop, Boots: Topshop

What Im wearing today 12/08/10

I love this vintage blazer. It cost £3...Bargain!

New faces to look out for!

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Mak Weinman: Pull & Bear SS 10

Amanda Noorgard

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Chloe Watson
Used to sit next to her in tutor, lovely girl, hope the modelling goes well!


Her first Vogue cover shoot was in 1993, 30 cover shoots and 17 years later Kate Moss appears on the British Vogue September issue 2010. Photographed by Patrick Demarcheller.