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Home for Easter

This is the remains of my room to take home...two car loads later and it's finally cleared out. I have been cleaning all morning again and managed I chip my nice nails :( I'll just have to do them again!

Moving out

Today is the last day in our house in Brighton! I'm moving back home as the building work at our Brighton house is so loud! We have spent all day cleaning and decided to give our selves a little break...

Life update

The weather this week has been amazing! My friend Rian and I have just been at Brighton beach or sat by the Pavillion each day, tanning (in my case not so much) and reading the hunger games! I definitely recommend this book, it's one you can't put down! We also went to see the film which was good but as it always is, the book is 10 times better! Can't wait for the next film though! So so good!!

Fashion film

Last week I started working on a film inspired by transgender, my model holly was made to look like a boy by my amazing make up artist! Can't wait to edit and put it all together!

Civilised dinner party

So it's half 5 in the morning, I have just got in from working at wetherspoons and I'm wide awake! I thought id take this opportunity to do some blogging! The other night I went to a dinner party for my friends 21st (sarah in the picture) we all cooked together, chicken in a creamy white wine sauce with roast potatoes and chocolate sponge for desert. I made a cake (which was really yummy even if I made it myself!) and we had sangria!

Rocking my new Wildfox shorts for my friends birthday in Bournemouth!  Sorry about the mess behind, I think my bag exploded all over her room!

Peony Yip

These are such a lovely illustrations from artist Peony Yip.  She aims to explore the relationship between human, animal and nature. 


I don't know why this guy is just chilling in the middle of a field in Brighton with a TV that's not even on, maybe it's some kind of art thing or a bet he lost with his friends! Who knows but it was quite funny!
My first question: 'I wonder what he's watching?' Rian: 'erm it's not plugged in because there's no socket!'
Me: 'oh yeah!!'

Patterned leggings

I LOVE my new leggings!  All I need now is a clashing patterned top to wear with it.  Sorry about the mess in my room, I will get round to tidying it at some point!  

Blondie Blonde

I decided to dye my hair blonde, quite a big change from my dark brown hair! luckily I have a good hair dresser, my friend Rian.

I love painting my nails...once I've done my fingers and toes I always wish I had more hands so i can just keep painting!

Most amazing donut ever! Toffee popcorn from greggs!

Here's something I made earlier

My friend Rian and I thought we'd get creative and make some bracelets. Soon we will have a whole arm of them :)