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Today someone in the hostel started saying how she thought twilight was rubbish and that the books were badly written, obviously I disagreed. Then she started saying how she thought Harry potter was worse, I had to walk out of the room lol! Apart from that we had a nice lazy day on Manhattan beach...a well earned rest I think!

We made the website!! check it out...

Wildfox in Vegas

The girls at Wildfox, me and Pe Jae at the Bellagio hotel lounge!

Wildfox and Vice magazine

Last night we went to the Bellagio hotel in Vegas to work with Wildfox at a press event they were holding with Vice magazine! The lounge we were in was amazing, Pe Jae and I were handing out gift bags we had previously put together and there was a free bar between 10 and 11. It was such a good night, we then walked back to our hotel which was a 45 min walk in our heels, Pe Jae, being such a good friend, swapped shoes with me as my heels were giant and very painful by the end of the night!

Road trip

So yesterday we road tripped down to Vegas to help out at an event with Wildfox tonight! We are staying at the Circus Circus hotel, which is luxury compared to our hostel!

On the way down here we stopped off at the Vally of fire, which was amazing! I've got more pictures on my camera but these are the ones from my phone. We drove our car around these huge rocks and got out at different parts to explore. My favourite bits were a section where the rocks were different colours and another one where we could climb all over the rocks, and they had symbols on them that have been there for thousands of years. At the beginning they translate all the symbols for you. I'll add some more photos when I get home.

Today we went for a walk up in the hills. It was so good, but there were loads of seriously tonned people that made me think I need to work out a lot! Also I totally underestimated how steep the hill would be and stupidly wore sanders, big mistake as the path had sand on and i had to take my shoes off so I would have grip. We definitely stuck out like a sore thumb.

Then we went to Venice beach where everyone was selling 'medical marijuana' but it was pretty.

Look what happened today :(

Art walk in Los Angeles

Last night we went to an art walk that takes place every second Thursday of each month. It was so busy and such a great atmosphere. You could walk up and down the street and go in art galleries that had been put together for the walk. There were some people with real talent showcasing their work!

Today we are going to climb up near the Hollywood sign, wish you could actually go near it and sit on it though!

Next week Pe Jae and I are off to Vegas. We are going to help at a Wildfox show and maybe do some gambling :)

Today, at Wildfox we got to take home some goodies. This was my selection...

Packing press samples at work

Today was such a nice day! Ive never had a such a sunny day in feb. why can't England be this hot all the time? Pe Jae and I were working at wildfox and they let us go early so we hit the shops at Hollywood blv. I love it there, we went into this supermarket and the chips (crisps) were bigger than our heads! We then went to a bar that had two for one cocktails and as Pe Jae was driving I had to drink two on my own, they were so strong it must have been a triple of tequila. So drunk.

Just woken up after my first night in LA, it's 6 in the morning but I can't sleep as my body clocks messed up. We were awake for 24 hours yesterday, and on a 16 hour plane journey with a stop off in North Carolina, surprisingly it wasn't too bad actually! Looking forward to working at wildfox today :)

LA Calling

I'm off to LA tomorrow morning. super super excited! I'm doing some work experience at Wildfox, I love them! Check out their blog, I love it.

I'm taking my laptop with me to do some work as I have a deadline coming up, not ideal, but I'd rather be doing work in a hot country on the beach somewhere than here. The hostel I'm staying in has free wifi so I'll probably be keeping you all updated with my trip :)

Future Home

OMG this is my dream house. It's in Australia, just north of Sydney, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, its overlooking a beach!

New shoesies

Im so excited to wear these prettiful shoesies. While paying for them at the till, the lady told me that a customer had actually come back in after buying them to congratulate them on one of the comfiest pair of shoes she'd ever bought!

Solve Sundsbo for Vogue Japan

Photo shoot, unedited

On the bright side, my photo shoot for my magazine project turned out well :) heres a sneaky peak at the unedited.

Bad Day

Ergh I had the worst day today, need to let it out. So I went to get the train to uni this morning and the train man told me to get on a train that he thought was going to my stop, it wasn't. So I missed my stop, and had to get off and go back in the other direction. Then at the end of the day I went to get off the train in Brighton and they asked to see my railcard which I had left in my room by accident, so I got a fine for not having it. And then I dropped my purse and all the contents spilt everywhere. Nightmare. To top it all off it was freezing and I was hungry and just wanted to scream or cry, couldn't make my mind up. Also it's so cold in my house, the heatings on, I have two blankets, numerous jumpers on, and a hottie (hot water bottle). It's just not a good day. please can summer hurry up. Phew, rant over.

This is where I will be in a weeks time :)