Bad Day

by emily.

Ergh I had the worst day today, need to let it out. So I went to get the train to uni this morning and the train man told me to get on a train that he thought was going to my stop, it wasn't. So I missed my stop, and had to get off and go back in the other direction. Then at the end of the day I went to get off the train in Brighton and they asked to see my railcard which I had left in my room by accident, so I got a fine for not having it. And then I dropped my purse and all the contents spilt everywhere. Nightmare. To top it all off it was freezing and I was hungry and just wanted to scream or cry, couldn't make my mind up. Also it's so cold in my house, the heatings on, I have two blankets, numerous jumpers on, and a hottie (hot water bottle). It's just not a good day. please can summer hurry up. Phew, rant over.