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Toilet trauma

Okay so maybe I heard wrong about the night bus having beds! I kind of imagined a Harry Potter stylie bus but the beds were more like reclining chairs, still it was better than sitting up all night!  

We had one stop off in 12 hours so obviously I was desperate to use the loo. Imagine the disappointment when this came into view...
Not ideal but tbh I've probably been in worse! 

Thai stylie

Last night we wondered down Bangkok's most famous road (for tourists and bars I mean) we had cocktails and a massage! All for under £10!! 

Tday I'm rockin my Thai trousers... 
We're off to get the night bus down to Phuket so thought I'd wear a comfy outfit! The bus is 13 hours but I hear there's beds, wish me luck! 

I got my life on my back

So I've arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, it's so hot and humid and I have a massive backpack full of my life for the next three weeks weighing me down! 

Today we went for a wonder, visiting markets, shops and to get an idea of our surroundings! I bought some harem trousers, obvs! Standard backpacker attire! 

I'm currently eating Thai noodles and veg, but I think I went a bit overboard with the chilli oil! My mouths on fire! 

Anyways I'm off to get the cocktails in! Byee! 

Long time no see

Heyy guys it's been forever since I have written anything on here! It's been a crazy busy final year at university...I'm so sad to have left Brighton but so excited about the future!  I've just finished an internship at company magazine where I was selected as a finalist to edit the October issue! I need to tell you all about it, but at the moment I'm in Thailand so thought I'd keep you all updated with that!