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Productive day

Today I have sat and watched an entire season of Awkward! It's so good, why have I never discovered it before!


I'm loving the Olympics at the moment, the only thing is theres so many channels and so much going on that I find myself watching it all day and at the end of the day realise I haven't done anything I planned to do!  

Also I love the fact that that I get updates on Twitter, I had to go to a staff meeting today and missed Tom Daley diving and some of the gymnastics, but when I got back I knew from Twitter where they came!  #Ilovetechnology! 

P.S I have a slight crush on Tom Daley, is that bad?  He's like 3 years younger but I mean look at him!!

P.P.S I have tickets to the BMXing!  CAN'T WAIT!

Hugs from Mulberry bear

How much do you want to give this bear thing a hug?! 

Shoot by Tim Walker, of course!

Sun day fun day

I love this weather and can't get enough of it! Yesterday I went down to my granny's beach hut in Poole with the fam! We had tea and cake down on the beach and then went back to hers for her famous Sunday roast! Yummy!

Belop at Benicassim

We arrived at Benicassim on the Monday, after 5 whole days of chilling by the pool!  We managed to put our tents up in record time and then the week began!!  It was crazy, amazing and random all rolled into one, but mostly amazing!  
Highlights for me: Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Noel Gallagher, Dizzee Rascal, The Maccabees and Chase and Status!  So many amazing artists and the best part about it was that after all that you can carry on partying at the silent disco tent!  

As Me and Soph went last year we kind of knew what to expect, and carrying a six pack of 2 litre bottles from the shop to the camp sight was not a high point!  So this year we bought a little trolly to pull our water along with...genius!  The thing I love most about Beni is that its quite a small festival so where ever you stand in the crowd you will always see the band playing!  Also everyone looks better with a tan, thats just a fact!  Take me back to Spain. 

This was one of my fav nights, before the music started on Thursday we went to a beach party on one of the evenings.  On our way there, we walked through a square with a band called Belop playing on top of a bus sponsored by Red Bull!  It was so much fun and everyone was drinking and dancing in the street! 

Swedes on Tour

I'm back in the UK after two weeks of sunshine with my beautiful girlys!  For the first week we chilled out at my Aunties house in Alicante, it was so nice to just sunbathe by the pool and read 50 shades of Grey!  On one of the days we ventured out to the beach and decided we look more Swedish than English so called ourselves the Swedes on Tour!  This resulted in some very bad accents and a craving for Kopperberg!

We then went on the Benicassim Festival...I'll add some photos tomorrow because I am falling asleep right now!

My Aunties directions

I love my Auntie for this...

She sent me a memory stick with loads of photos of how to get to her apartment, the beach and bus timetables!  Amazingg!  Hopefully we won't get lost, but knowing us we probably still will!

Packing for Benicassim

I'm so a few hours I will be on the way to the airport to Benicassim Festival in Spain!! I'm going with a group of my friends and we are staying at my aunties apartment in Alicante before the Festival starts, so so excited right now! Get ready for loads of photos when I get back! But right now I should get packing and be ready to look like a homeless person on the train with a massive backpack and tent!!  AdiĆ³s