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Today I'm Wearing

Shirt: h&m mens
Shorts: Trousers that I turned into shorts

Good bye long hair...wont be seeing you anytime soon

I thought it was time for a change and i got bored with my knotty long hair that never got brushed.
What do you think?

Check us out looking sexy in our onsies
Okay so they may not be the hight of fashion but they sure are comfy and warm

The funniest thing just happened, I went to get in the shower and saw a wasp so screamed, then two of my housemates ran in because they thought I had fallen over or something. Chloe tried to get the wasp out and ended up throwing Ceris towel outside, when the builder came to give us back the towel he said there was a wasp attached to it, it must have been clinging on for life on the way down.
Maybe it was a 'you had to be there moment'?
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New Skirt from Beyond Retro
I thought It would be good for winter with boots and summer with sandals...multiple use!


Example & Ed Sheeran- Nandos Song!

Woken up by the builders AGAIN and it's so cold! Im now sat hear listening to Kelly Clarkson waiting to go into uni and drinking a green tea.

I was researching for my trends project we are doing at uni, when I came across this bookshelf. Its so cool.
Bookcase Cave

So many Lady Gagas. such a good night.
I made my telephone hat using origami with blue card and drunk a lot of Coke for Rian to put in her hair.

Now Im not usually a bag type of girl but these bags are Lush! I saw this Lena Erziak stand at London Fashion Week and can't stop thinking about the apple bags. Can someone please buy it for me and I'll be your friend?


These photos of Andrej Pejic for French Revue de Models are stunning. He is so beautifully feminine its hard to tell he is actually a woman.

andrejstory9 Andrej Pejic by Giulia Noni for <em>French Revue de Modes</em> #19
andrejstory3 Andrej Pejic by Giulia Noni for <em>French Revue de Modes</em> #19

Easily distracted

I should really be doing some work!

My lovely new shoes :)

At the weekend I went to visit my friend who goes to uni in Coventry. We got the train to the bullring shopping centre, for a spot of shopping. I was loving this shoe shop that had so many nice cheap shoes. I bought this pair for £15 and then went into River Island and saw the EXACT same pair for £35, same colour same inside same everything. This was my bargain buy for the week!

A very delayed post

I took a trip to London Fashion Week to work at Esthetica trade show representing designer Eva Zingoni. Her collection is made from luxury French fabric, bought from Big Parisian fashion house left overs. The designs are big and boxy with great shapes that flatter all body types.
I loved this jacket, part of the SS12 collection

Eva is such a lovely and talented designer. It was so much fun working with her.

Maria and I working together in the trade show booth. Both wearing Eva Zingoni

On the Sunday of Fashion week, there was an Esthetica brunch for the designers, buyer and press. The space was so full you literally couldn't move, the que to get in was huge and a lot of people were turned away. Champagne and snacks were handed out and speeches were made. If I'm being completely honest, being the lightweight I am, I was a bit drunk at one point and had to eat a sandwich. I was talking to a buyer and thinking to myself I have no idea what I'm saying, it's okay though, I think everyone was a bit tipsy. I mean, the champagne was free!

It was such a fun week for me though, I got to meet lots of amazing people and live the London life. As much as I love Brighton, I love love love London and can't wait to move there