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Boxing day=Sales. Of course my sister and I rushed into town and hoping to get some bargains went straight to Topshop where we were a bit disappointed. I bought this top and a blazer from H&M which wasn't in the sale but I have wanted for agess! My sister bought some black converse and I planned to get some Burgundy Hi tops that I have had my eye on for a while but they were all sold out! Gutted and I can't find them anywhere!

Merry Christmas all hope you had an enjoyable day filled with lots of food and prezzies because I did, probably a bit too much food but hey ho it's christmas! I was given lots of lovely presents including money, make up and smellies and wait for it...the Harry Potter box set consisting of all 8 DVDs=amazing. Of course we did all sit and watch the 8th one in the evening as it is by far the best one apart from the fact that the 4th one includes Robert Pattinson which is also good. I also got some dollars which is brilliant as I am going to LA in February, can't wait!! But anyway Christmas was a good day and nice to spend it with the Fam :)

Getting in the Christmas spirt with Gingerbread men...okay so we may have cheated and used a packet but we started out with the intention of making them from scratch so that still counts right? And they were yummy!

I know its christmas and I should be buying presents for other people but who doesn't love to treat themselves every now and then.
It was only £2.99 from Ebay

I found this book in Urban outfitters with lots of inspiring quotes to look at when you're feeling a bit down. One graphic artist that caught my eye was Douglas Wilson with these two prints...

Ladies at lunch...sharing a salad and pizza with my mum at prezzo. Best of both worlds, naughty pizza and a healthy salad.