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Finished dip dye tops

Yay the darker pink dye worked!! Can't wait to wear this at Benicassim! 

 For future reference when you are using fabric dye don't dunk your hand into the bowl full of dye because it will dye your hand! I spent the evening explaining to customers at work why my hand was pink!

Newest dip dye creation

I wanted a dip dye top to wear at Benicassim Festival next week, so decided to get creative again!
Last week my sister and I bought the some dye and plain tops from H&M! The dye we bought was a pastel pink and didn't come out at all.

So today we went and bought a darker pink and it looks promising so far...
You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the results!


What I Wore Today
Top: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Beyond Retro

Dip dye shorts

Okay I have way to many pairs of shorts!
But you know when you go to clear them out and think 'oh actually I like this pair of shorts that I haven't worn in 2 years' and end up keeping them, yep thats me!  So now my shorts draw is still overflowing!
Instead of throwing this pair out though, I thought why not dip dye them so they kind of trick me into thinking they are new and not to buy anymore!

Graduate collection from Wing Lai

This is a photo shoot I did for my friend Wing, a fashion graduate from Coventry!  Beautiful clothes modelled by our beautiful friend Laura Connel.  

Check out Wing's blog...


Along with Aiden, there was a band called ME playing who were also really good! Not sure if I posted about this before but I went to see ME when they were supporting Panic at the Disco in January and my friend Spanna and we found it hilarious that they were called ME and started making joke like 'who's playing?' 'me' 'oh I didn't realise you were playing' 'no not me, me' and I realise this doesnt sound very funny but it's just one of those things that you and your friend find so funny while no one else does, we laughed for about 3 hours after and it just didn't get old!
But anyway while I was there in January, I had a necklace on which said EM but it kept turning round to say ME which made it even funnier to Spanna and I as it looked like I was a super fan!
Of course I wore this necklace again when we went to see Aiden and me and of course I went up to the band ME and showed them my necklace and then explained the story, they probably thought I was crazy!

Aiden Grimshaw

After Graduate fashion week, me, Rian and Pe Jae stayed in Camden and went to see Aiden Grimshaw play at Proud! He was amazing live and it was such a good event as we got to speak to him and a couple of the other bands that played!

Feeling Inspired

The other week I went to Graduate Fashion week and I can't wait to start my final major project for third year now! I'm definitely feeling inspired from viewing what the other students had to offer and what sort of things they produced for their projects! Watch this space!

Weather depression

How horrible is this weather?! All I want to do right now is eat a massive warm brownie! I'm going to have to drag myself to the gym but I'm excited because I bought some new running trainers :)

Back to Brighton for the day

On wednesday I went back to Brighton for uni and stayed at some friends on my course! It was such a funny evening and was so good to be back there! I can't wait to move back in September now, love Brighton so much!!
My friend Rian and I went to pizza express before we went out, standard orange Wednesday's! It's become a tradition for us now. Can't get enough of those doughballs! Then we went shopping and I bought this watch...