by emily.

Along with Aiden, there was a band called ME playing who were also really good! Not sure if I posted about this before but I went to see ME when they were supporting Panic at the Disco in January and my friend Spanna and we found it hilarious that they were called ME and started making joke like 'who's playing?' 'me' 'oh I didn't realise you were playing' 'no not me, me' and I realise this doesnt sound very funny but it's just one of those things that you and your friend find so funny while no one else does, we laughed for about 3 hours after and it just didn't get old!
But anyway while I was there in January, I had a necklace on which said EM but it kept turning round to say ME which made it even funnier to Spanna and I as it looked like I was a super fan!
Of course I wore this necklace again when we went to see Aiden and me and of course I went up to the band ME and showed them my necklace and then explained the story, they probably thought I was crazy!