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Essay, what essay?

I should be writing my essay due in tomorrow but in preparation I have drunk 3 coffee and 2 cokes and am now way to hyper to concentrate! So I have turned to blogging an Facebook!! Yesterday I went to a party for RIKA magazine at the shop at bluebird which is one of the clients for mission PR, where I am interning at the moment! I was working on the door which was fun as I got to meet some cool people and drink some champagne (I never learn that champagne is a bad idea, especially at a work event but oh well) the venue was at the shop at bluebird in Chelsea!  
This Morning I had to go to the shop and help set everything back up  as they took it down to host the event.  I got completely lost, in the rain and ended up getting a taxi!  On the bright side I got to see a shoot they were doing for Elle magazine wish was cool!

This is what I wore...

I'm going to attempt my essay now...wish me luck!

Mission PR

Last week I started a months internship with mission PR! I'm working in the fashion department who's clients include jigsaw, Stella+dot, javari, the shop at bluebird and dockers. on weds we had a press day for Stella+dot a multi billion jewellery company! It's been such a good week an I've learnt so much already! Other brands that mission work with include Barclaycard, Mo√ęt, belvedere vodka and Nokia.  Watch this video of Nokia and Deadmau5 launching the new Nokia Lumia in 2011. 

Some photos from the press day...

My new obsession

Incase you haven't seen my many tweets about it, I am obsessed with the Hunger Games Trilogy!  After Harry Potter I didn't think there could be anything better (apart from Tiwlight obvs) but I was wrong.  The film is also amazing, but not as good as the books so definatley read the books before you watch the film! My sister has just started reading them and I am so jealous because I wish I hadn't finished and was still reading them!

My favourite part of Easter