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Awesome bike with beads stuck to it

Bookshop that looks like Olivanders wand shop in Harry Potter

Amazing peanut butter ice cream

Last weekend I went to visit a friend from uni in Stockholm. With Stockholm being the capital of Sweden and an up and coming Fashion capital, it was a very expensive weekend, but worth it. The first time I got to see the city in daylight was at 6 o'clock in the morning after we had come out of a club in central Stockholm. It was an amazing night, meeting lots of nice people and dancing around. The next day we got a traditional Swedish pizza (kebab topping) and wondered around the town and shops. While I was there, Stockholm fashion week had just started. We managed to blag our way into a fashion show, it was held at a lush club called F12 and we were so close, literally on the catwalk. The city is a must see, full of fashionistas, yummy restaurants, and an amazing nightlife.

I'll add more pictures another time as I'm late to a friends birthday...woops!

Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2011!!