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Suns out, Bikinis on!

I am seriously loving this weather, hope it's here to stay, what am I saying of course it won't it's England! Yesterday I went to the pub with a few of my friends, Niki, Becky and Spanna (if you're wondering why she is called Spanna it's because her real name is Hannah but her nickname has just stuck since school!). Anyway it was such a lovely evening in the pub garden after stuffing our selves with pizza express, and of course we got the dough balls for starters!  
I really regretted eating as much as I did today though when I put my bikini on to sunbathe in the garden! So I'm dragging myself to the gym so Spanna and I can have a hardcore gym sesh and hopefully I'll be ready for the beach tomorrow!! 

Feeling creative

My sister and I had a creative day and made tie dye tops, we thought we would get with the summer trend and choose a pastel pink!

I could spend hours in hobby craft and buy so much stuff! Next week we want to go back and make a fancy cake!

Short Film

I put together a short film based on Diversity and Transgender, it might not be everyones cup of tea but heres the link...

Thanks to my amazing make up artist Hope, who transformed my amazing model, Holly into a boy!  I had such a fun time filming and editing it and now want to keep making more and more films. 

Hair jealousy

I'm so jealous of my sisters hair, she's one of those people that you see in the street and think damn I wish I had that hair! We decided to dip dye it pink so I bought a pink spray to do it with! I think she wants to buy a proper dye now but she wanted to test it out first and make sure it looked okay! Here's a before and after of my beautiful sibling!

Treated myself to this lovely number

Catching up for lost time

As I havent posted for a while I feel I need to update you with my life's antics! Last week I went home and saw some of my friends who also go to uni and my friend Cerys who I haven't seen in about a year and is pregnant! Pregnant bellys freak my out, just throwing it out there! but after seeing her and touching her belly it actually wasnt so scary but quite cute! I wish her the best of luck with everything! We went out into town and had such a good night and by that I mean I got absolutely smashed, by accident can I add and I feel really bad because Cerys obvs couldn't drink!

On a Mission

Someone sent us a package with 'on a mission' on and I found it hilarious!
I had a really good time working at Mission, helped out at some great events including meeting Chelsey Davy at Bluebird and Jessica Lowndes at The John Lewis launch of the new beauty hall last Weds! They bought a new table tennis table last week so that has been keeping me busy all week.

Awkward goodbyes

Yesterday was my last day at Mission media, it was quite sad to say bye to everyone and I was dreading it all day! I hate goodbyes they are so awkward, when you have to say bye to about 50 people how do you go about that? But it was okay and the fashion and beauty team gave me some lovely pressies! I got a voucher for Urban Outfitters my fav shop and some hair products from Umberto Giannini so my hair will be lovely and shinny!