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This is the photo from my blogs Facebook page...

I love this picture because it has all my festival bands in which I had to take off for work :(

New nails glittery and getting in the Christmas spirit!

You know somethings cool when you walk down the street and an old, hippy man shouts 'hey lady, I like your poncho!' Which is what happened to me, therefore I now know my poncho/cape is cool lol!
Urban outfitters: £16

New purchases

Finally I have bought some round sun glasses, I know its not summer but I've wanted them for ages and in my defence it is quite bright outside on these cold Winter days!

The best part about going home...homemade bread and rolls!

Had a nice lie in this morning After watching Breaking Dawn at midnight which was amazing btw! Quite scary though.
Today i spent the day eating Cornish pasties in Winchester and doing a spot of shopping with my mum and sister. When I say shopping I really mean my mum buying Christmas pressies while my sister and I spend the whole time spraying ourselves with perfume in debenhams!

Treated myself after uni yesterday with this amazing waffle and frozen yogurt! It was from Lick, a small cafe in the lanes. best place ever.

Shoes for a Giant

Two Architecture design Firms, Arup and Khon Pederson Fox created Giant Alexander Mcqueen shoes made out of cans. The shoes are in the Canstruction exhibition at the World Financial Centre.

Today I'm Wearing:
Jumper: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Wet Look leggings: New Look

It's the beginning of November and most shops in London have got there Christmas decorations up already. Im quite excited for Christmas this year though so I'm not going to be a Scrooge about how it's far too early to put decorations up. All I want to do is drink hot chocolate and toast marshmallows on the fire.
Whilst I was at the dazed and confused exhibition at summerset house I saw the ice rink being put up...I think it's a must this year!