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Painting pastels

I know it's not summer, trust me my house won't let me be warm, but thought I'd get into the summery mood with my friend Rian, by painting our nails pastel colours.

New Necklace

Birthday present, made by my mum.

Me, my brother and sister

21 today

Had such a good night last night in Brighton for mine and my friends 21st birthday. We celebrated our 18th together so seemed right to celebrate our 21st together too. We then all had together up at 8 this morning to catch trains to various places...I was travelling back to Basingstoke for a family party which was lovely. My auntie made this beautiful birthday sponge cake with white chocolate roses. I keep telling her she needs to set up a business.

Ed Sheeran

Went to see Ed Sheeran on Saturday. He was brill, so good live and such a good singer. He was at The 02 academy in Brixton, I didn't get my phone out so I was safe.
The que was literally about a mile long and we kept getting offered fake hoodies and t-shirts, someone even offered is a muffin for 40p. Who would buy that, seriously? It was just one random chocolate muffin on a plate. Erm no thanks, don't know where that's been!
But anyway Ed (I call him Ed like he's my friend) was amazing, if your thinking of seeing him, do it!

Got these earrings as a present from the mother. They are silver with an amber stone, beautiful. Their from a jewellery shop in Basingstoke called 'the secret garden' run by my mums friend Milana who sources all her jewellery from around the world. She's off to Mexico next week, alright for some.

I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

Finally got my converse. Yay! You know when you get a new pair of shoes and you can't wait to wear them so you just wear them round the house, yeah that's what I'm doing now.

Today I'm Wearing

Shirt: Second hand
Watch: ASOS
Lipstick: Kate Moss, Rimmel

Bucket List

My friend Chloe has written a bucket list, not things to do before she dies, but things she wants to do/achieve before 2013. This has inspired me to create one for myself.

1. Learn a foreign language
2. Visit at least one Country I've never been to before (I like to do this every year)
3. Go surfing
4. Do something which scares me
5. Create something at Uni for my portfolio that I am really proud of
6. Put on a Charity Fashion Show
7. Do the splits

I think that's enough for now...better get started!

Christmas present from my brother...a mini hottie. Perfect for my freezing cold student home in Brighton.