Essay, what essay?

by emily.

I should be writing my essay due in tomorrow but in preparation I have drunk 3 coffee and 2 cokes and am now way to hyper to concentrate! So I have turned to blogging an Facebook!! Yesterday I went to a party for RIKA magazine at the shop at bluebird which is one of the clients for mission PR, where I am interning at the moment! I was working on the door which was fun as I got to meet some cool people and drink some champagne (I never learn that champagne is a bad idea, especially at a work event but oh well) the venue was at the shop at bluebird in Chelsea!  
This Morning I had to go to the shop and help set everything back up  as they took it down to host the event.  I got completely lost, in the rain and ended up getting a taxi!  On the bright side I got to see a shoot they were doing for Elle magazine wish was cool!

This is what I wore...

I'm going to attempt my essay now...wish me luck!