by emily.

After two weeks of being back in rainy England my slight tan from Benicassim festival is wearing off :( I had such amazing time with my friend Sophie. We always say when we are together we need a video camera to record the weird stuff that happens to us (probably because we are as ditzy as each other). The holiday started off with us nearly missing our flight, which I will take full blame for as I thought the plane took off an hour after it actually did. When we arrived in Barcelona we had to get a train to Benicassim but we had missed the last one for that day. We ended up getting lost and finding some guys that were also going to the festival. They were pretty much life savers as we would never have found out the right train station or train to get. When we eventually got to the festival it was amazing, we ended up camping with the guys we met and some of there friends. Everyone at the festival was so friendly, it was so nice and hot and the bands were awesome, especially Arctic Monkeys, Paolo Nutini, Bombay Bicycle club and Mumford and Sons.

Such an amazing trip...defiantly going next year!!