End of the Olympics

by emily.

I'm so sad it's the end of the Olympics! I can't even remember what I watched before it. Last Wednesday I went to the Olympic park to watch the BMXing, it was such a good day, good atmosphere and so much to do! We wore our union jack outfits, and when we got there we were under dressed compared to some other people dressed in red, white and blue!

When we arrived in the park my friend and I spent about half an hour deciding what food to get as there was so much choice, we decided on curry which cost us £10 each!! It was worth it though! We then found a small stage with up and coming bands from all over the country playing which was fun! We saw a band called 'chasing owls' and another girl but I can't remember her name!

The actual event was amazing, I felt a bit sorry for the non GBers as no one really cheered them! But we got to see them all go round the track and then do some tricks in the half time bit! So glad I got I go to the Olympics though, was such a great experience!