Onesie Party

by emily.

Ive waited such a long time to blog about this but couldn't because it was a surprise for my friend Nikis birthday! 
For her 21st she planned a onesie party, so Spanna and I decided to make ours and make Niki one as a surprise! It's a wonder we kept it a secret for so long!
We thought it would be fun to go as dinosaurs, so dip dyed grey onesies pink and green, then sewed yellow triangles down the back! On Nikis we put a 21 on the front and then made her close her eyes to get changed so it was even more of a surprise!  

Dip Dye Dinosaurs (So on trend!)

It was so much fun, but so so hot we ended up walking around like this...

We even had a bouncy castle  (Nikis fame move)...

At about 3 in the afternoon we thought it would be a great idea to walk to the shop in our onesies and get some alcohol, there were three of us; two dinosaurs and a 'chav' who looked like she was going to rob the whole shop!  We just strolled in there and everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at us, a little girl looked at us like christmas had come early!  We were laughing so much we literally couldn't stand up!