Venice continued

by emily.

After visiting St Mark's and wondering around Venice we went for a meal. Margarita pizza and cookie ice cream :) I wore a maxi dress from Punkyfish, where I work. Our hotel was a half hour away from Venice so we got the last bus at midnight. We managed to miss our stop and end up walking 2km back to our hotel in the dark.
The next day we got the taxi boat again to a couple of other islands in Venice. For some reason none of us had any signal the whole trip so we left our phones in the hotel. We then realised we had no clock. Bad mistake. We went to see the Rialto Bridge and accidentally missed our last bus a midnight. We jumped on the last bus, which luckily was going to the train station just out of Venice, we then got a taxi back to our hotel-25 euros.
The Bridge was so not worth a mad panic and run and an extra 25 euros.

I have a friend who lives in Treviso about 40 minutes away from Venice. This was the main purpose in the trip. So on the last day we packed our suitcases and hoped on a bus to the train station. As you can probably guess we got lost again and had to wonder for ages trying to find the station. Eventually we found it but had missed our train, we bought our tickets and waited. After making sure it was the right train, we got on thinking 'can it get any worse?'. Then the ticket guy comes around and we show him our ticket, he takes it and says 'girls can you come with me', so we followed. He couldn't speak much English but said we had to pay a 50 euro fine as we didn't stamp our ticket. Of course we protest as no one told us and there were no signs however, he just said if you don't pay now I'll take your passports and you'll have to pay 200 euros in house! The worst part is, when we arrived at my friends and explain the story she says, 'I've lived here for a year and my ticket has only been checked twice!'. Just our luck!